Why Tamaraw Tarot?

The Tamaraw Tarot is raw, unedited, pure truth. Keeping in mind that tarot is subjective, some will gravitate towards the Tamaraw deck because it allows them to associate with a different energy. People need balance and light needs dark to exist, so from a realistic world view, the Tamaraw Tarot may open pathways that otherwise may not be tapped in to.

I’ve used popular tarot for years and have different decks for different people and different situations. This experience has led me to develop the Tamaraw Tarot to fill a gap that other decks don’t allow me to access. In creating the Tamaraw Tarot I decided to harness the energy and potency of my Filipino heritage and history to draw up an original tarot deck that is an extension of my personality. It is completely unique while retaining universal appeal to Tarot enthusiasts.

The Tamaraw Tarot contains 78 cards including 56 major arcana and 22 minor arcana. The minor arcana cards of this deck commemorates and explores more deeply the meanings of the major arcana, while the major arcana describe major life issues condensed in 22 word and image combinations. It is custom designed and intended to open parallel paths of interpretation for their handlers, encouraging the reader to interpret each card through a distinctive set of images intended to drill through directly to core issues and resolutions.

• The Suit of Earth -- represents material issues and earth based experiences
• The Suit of Wind -- represents mental action and sharp ideas
• The Suit of Fire -- represents one’s inner flame and enlightenment
• The Suit of Water -- represents the fluidity of spirit and creativity

Minor Arcana translations
King = Master
Queen = Wise Woman
Knight = Warrior
Page = Huntress

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced reader you will be able to discover new ways of fulfilling answers to questions while working with the Tamaraw Tarot.
Please enjoy!