Juan Vincent

Juan Vincent has been exploring the metaphysical through Tarot symbols & interpretation for over 30 years. A Filipino-American artist, he holds a Masters of Arts in Transformative Arts & is the founder of Tamaraw House, Inc., a small business offering the Tamaraw House Tarot & in-depth exploration of symbols & their personal meaning. He combines personal experience, storytelling, & craftsmanship, weaving together threads from his heritage with traditions & stories of other cultures.

Tamaraw Tarot

The Tamaraw Tarot is a custom designed tarot card deck intended to open parallel paths of interpretation for their handlers. Accessible to the beginner or advanced reader, it encourages identification of symbols and personal meanings for each card. The intent is to foster an approach that may assist in developing individual clarity, and actively associating that clarity to many different situations and quandaries. With a total of 78 individual cards, each of the 56 minor arcana cards commemorates and explores more deeply the meanings found in the major arcana, while the 22 major arcana cards characterize major life issues condensed into word and image combinations. The Suits representations: Earth - material issues and earth based experiences Wind - mental action and sharp ideas Fire - the force of motivation and passion Water - fluidity of spirit, emotion and creativity Minor arcana translations: King - Master Queen - Wise Woman Knight - Warrior Page - Huntress The Tamaraw Tarot was created to harness the energy and potency of its creators' heritage and history, to draw up an original tarot deck as an extension of character, while retaining universal appeal to tarot enthusiasts. It can be utilized to examine thoughts and messages as raw, unedited, pure truth. Alternatively, some may desire to continually recognize and celebrate their own uniqueness and self-empowerment, taking into consideration relationships personal to the individual. Included with your Tamaraw Tarot deck is an 8 page guidebook to assist in getting started. It includes thumbnail images and corresponding questions for each card to help discover personal interpretations. Also, a Sample 1-card, Sample 2-card, and Finding Your Tamaraw Tarot Birth Card exercises are included. These again are all intended to support building a personal relationship with the Tamaraw Tarot, and put into practice what you learn just by using the cards along with what you may already know or acquire as time goes by.